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The Martial Arts Institute

Teaching: The Arango Karate System

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Bringing over 40 years of Martial Arts experience to every class, Sensei Arango personally teaches and promotes every student at his school! His passion, purpose and drive must be experienced. Come watch a class and see the difference! Don’t you and your family deserve the very best? Often called the “Harvard of Martial Arts Schools”, the Martial Arts Institute is your local school with a national reputation, training Black Belt Champions since 1981!

Adult Classes Feature...


• Morning and Evening Classes


• Personal Protection Programs

  and Seminars


• Weapon Classes


• Leadership Classes


• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu /

  Mixed Martial Arts Classes


• Full Weight Room


• Fifty Percent of our

  Memberships Include

  Multiple Family Members

Children's Classes Feature...


• Separate Classes for Belt Ranks


• Safety Program: Bully Defense,

  Abduction Prevention and Nutrition


• Leadership Classes: How to

  become, act and be a leader


• Weapon Training Classes


• Jiu Jitsu Classes


• Special Family Package

  Pay-One-Price for Entire Family