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Leadership Program at The Martial Arts Institute

(Green belt & above students)

Black Belt Students

The Martial Arts Institute is now offering students a special leadership program which will follow the guidelines of The Martial Arts University International’s Elite Leadership Modules. The Leadership Program has been designed not only for those students who desire to learn the skills required to become Martial Arts Instructors, but also for students to fulfill their basic teaching requirements for promotion. It is a comprehensive curriculum in which students will learn the following skills:

Martial Arts Teaching Skills

Communication Skills (verbal & physical)

Functions & Procedures within the Dojo

Dynamic Teaching Methods

Motivational Techniques & Goal Setting

Review of perfecting your basic techniques

Students enrolled in this program who desire to become assistant instructors will have additional training time and responsibilities within the school and will be given a specific class to assist in. All future instructors will come from this program. Each student will have the opportunity to work with all the active teaching black belts at the Martial Arts Institute. All students must fill out a leadership profile application.

Become a Leader... A Person of Positive Influence

One Person Can Make a Difference... Be The One!

Earn Your Leadership Patch!

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